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Finally got a new center.


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Well I've been looking to upgrade my center channel from the Quintet ii to something better. As some of you know I recentley bought a new in box RC-35 that im still waiting for, its being shipped from LA to Ontario as we speak.

My friend works at bestbuy and the recently started carrying some of the Referance line (not the 63 or 83). Anyways he got me a great deal on a RC-52 so I went a head and bought it. All I can say is wow, it really does make a huge differeance! I had the quintet center's volume turned all the wway up to try to keep up with my 81's to no avail.

I re-watched Master and Comander and I swear I heard dialoge and noises that I never heard before, this thing is trully amazing! I don't know what I'm going to do with the RC-35 when I get it, i might see what one sounds better then sell what ever one I don't like, either way I'm very pleased.

Now I need to think about getting a new receiver, my old Yamaha 596 is starting to act up.

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Congrats on your new purchase! I think its just the coolest thing to upgrade part of your system and with out a doubt easily hear the difference, its very rewarding. Great excuse to go and rewatch/listen to all your favorite movies and songs. I hope your new center channel serves you well for a long time! Theres a whole bunch of recievers to choose from, good luck in your hunt.

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Congrats on the new center(s). I think you will find that you like the RC35 better. I believe it is a beefier center, although I have not demo'ed the 52. The RC35 is the equivalent to the RC62 which is the big brother to the 52. The 52 may voice better with the 81's since they are both from the same generation. Watch movies with a lot of left-center-right panning and choose the one with the most seamless soundstage. Most Pixar films are very good with this type of audio. Good luck.

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Well I had the chance to listen to both the 35 and the 52, it was a hard decision but
after watching Transformers 2 and UP I'm going to stick with the 52.

The 35 is a nice speaker the sound field felt a little larger/wider? (still new, excuse the wording). The 35 definetly looks mean with its size and the dual 6inch drivers. I did find at higher volumes the 52 was a bit easier(smoother?) on my ears.

I think I'm going to keep the 35 and try it again when I upgrade my receiver, maybe my old Yamaha is straining a bit?
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