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Boycot Chinese Hi Fi Components

Big Bean

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"One great failing of the American public - undoubtedly fueled by the Rule of Business, is that there are no ethics - - only economics. We accepted slavery like sheep, we accepted the genocide of the Native American population like sheep and we are accepting the further enslavement of other peoples like sheep."

Nicely put MDENEEN!

It used to be sins of omission were OK in negotiations; but never sins of comission. But in the last 5 years it is socially acceptable to lie repeatedly to a person or group if the result has a positive financial bearing on you or your employer. Horn Ed has commented in the past on how he was dissilusioned with some of the big money people he has encountered in the past years.

We should trade with China to make sure they have cash flow to trickle down to the little people; but "Most favored Nation Trading Status" for China(or the Saudis for that matter)is absurd.

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I will not boycot them but almost all of my audio and electronics is from North America.My Dynaudio and Spendor speakers from Europe.Some components(optical)are from Japan.I dont have much made in China.

The very best speaker for example are made in Europe,as for solid state amps its the USA.Tube amps,many coutries fit.Optical(CD,DVD)Japan leads.I buy quality before all else,not propaganda.

So I will not boycot anyone,sorry


As always great posts


N'oublie pas ta recette de sirop d'erable avec de la mayo levee!Oui oui il faut que la mayo tourne au vinaigre!

Vive le Roi



"For high enders, it would be pretty easy to buy goods that are assembled in North America"

Not only "assembled" as you say,designed and made in North America.Krell,Celeste,Aerial is not only "assembled" in America its designed here and made here.

Bob Carver,Nelson Pass and Dan Dagostino dont have much to learn from some startup outside designers.

They are the pioneers,who are the others? Copycats


"Hmm..perhaps there is a third way..to support the vitalization of the foreign country so that their economy is at a level that is consistent with our own."

Sure why dont we give them all the patents,the inventions and our money while at it. Here take my organs as a FREE one time offer LOL


America did not become the most powerful nation by GIVING things away.And if life in most countries is consistent with our own then we will have less.Its economy and it cannot be changed.

Your idea will not pass any vote unless drunkards would vote and Smirnoff was the new president of the US of A.

Not going to happen anytime soon

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Right on about Bryston,these folks are making some of the best solid state amps in the world since a few good years.To top this they have THE best warranty and support thier products like very few if any others.

Bryston is designed and made in Canada and is still priced down to earth.Proof you dont have to sell labour to others and make products that nobody can beat in durability and few in quality.

Way to go Bryston

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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