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RP-5 more bass?


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Has anyone heard the Klipsch RP-5 speakers. A floor standing tower speaker with an 8" woofer, Horn, plus a 15" KSW built in sub woofer, with a 550 on board power amp.

Two of these floor speaker give two 15" powered KSW subs, 2 K105K Horns, and two 8" woofers.

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well...they will produce more bass - but they won't sound better overall

you need to start saving your money and get some SVS-ultras or a Klipsch RSW-15

what amp are you using with your RF7's?



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Currently running a Yamaha RX-V3000.

I have already and recently, received in detail, input from this forum, relating to what I perceive as a lack of Bass, from my new RF-7s. & The verdict is clear, I need to add (replace) at least one SVS or equal sub. No question.

The RF-7s are a fine speaker. It just happens that I enjoy hearing extra bass and was a tad bit dis-a-pointed with the RF-7s bass.

I expected a harder thum and bump.

My expectations were (Based on the looks) of those two 10" woofers and price.)

Lately I have been researching Klipsch & others speakers in the (2,000.00 price range)to use for 2 ch music. Speakers that may focus or speciallize more in the low v/s the highs, with out loosing the claridy, if possible. Since it is difficult to listen to every speaker I post here asking for opinions.

I enjoying all types of music, so when I have the extra cash to splurge(and even when I don't) I am going to invest in 3 or 4 different sets of speakers solely for the purpose of playing 2 channel music. Allowing me enjoying 3 or 4 different styles and sounds of music. A hobby.

And Just for the record:

I am perfectly satisfied with the RF-7, RS-7 and RC-7 for Home Theater. 250% Couldn't be happier, no complaints.

Music on the other hand I'm looking for variety, why only drink Coke when there is Pepsi, Beer.....Ha

Sometimes my post may not make sense, seem or be repetitive, but I mean well and I come here in Peace seeking Knowledge. Ha!

So Thanks to you all for the information

Yamaha RX-V3000





Velodyne 1012 VLF sub

Altec A-7s

Panasonic 51" HDTV

Sony DVD

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I auditioned the RP-5's a few months ago and personally didn't care for them. Something in the sound seemed to be missing; upper bass/lower mid, not sure, but just sounded hollow in the middle.

Not bad at low volumes but very noticeable to me when played loud. Seemed better as a HT speaker.

But don't judge by my ears, give them a listen.

Dual SVS's may be the answer as MANY like the Klipsch/SVS marriage. Good luck...Mike

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