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RF7 Placement


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I moved my RF7's 3 feet from the back wall and spread them out an additional 2 feet - they are now 8 feet apart and I am 11 feet away from them.

Spreading them out in this way places them 27 inches from each side wall.

They are toed in quite a bit, with the horns pointed right at my head.

Image width is certainly tremendous, and the speakers have become completely invisible -- what a fry.

I expected there to be a 'hole' in middle, but that is not what happened.

At any rate -- in spite of the fantastic width of image -- the presentation is now a little more incisive than I prefer, and I am wondering if this is due to the speakers being moved so far out from the back wall -- I think that extra foot out cost me some bass -- which is accounting for the treble sounding a little more forward. Doesn't a ported speaker need to be closer to the back wall to get the proper bass output?

I'm also wondering how close to the side walls I can go. With a horned speaker -- what is the proper setup formula? That is, if I'm 11 feet back -- how far apart SHOULD they be?

I had always read that speakers should be 1/2 the distance apart from each other as you are away from them. This doesn't seem to be the case with horns.



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Welcome to the RF-7 club Dean

I really like my RF-7's(two pairs Smile.gif )the RF-7's are fantastic speakers.Those who claim the 10" mid woofers are slow should get hearing aids and wash their ears more often.

RF-7's have snap,slam and great detail.When toed in these large towers throw a soundstage that will silence many audiophile(and audiophile wannabe)connaiseurs.

I have better speakers for music(for Jazz,Blues)and these are my Dynes but for general use and HT the Klipsch RF-7's are THE best buy in audio today.At only $2000 US they are a virtual steal,a bargain.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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It is no secret I am a constant complainer about the RF-7s lack of hard hitting bass. So I called Klipsch

I was told by (Trey) to move the RF-7s right up in to the cornners at a 45 and that the bass would sound four times better. (I wish) Then go to the back of the room and listen, that I'd hear the bass more accuratly in the back. Bass waves need so many feet and can be heard in the back of the room better. I guess the highs die out first. Some others here can beter explain. Also it was thought the Yamaha May not be able to push the RF-7s with enough juice to produce solid bass.

Sorry guys I am trying my best to get the sound worked out. there nothing I'd like better to do than to report back here to the forum with a solution. I have ordered a RSW 15 and there is no doubt this will fill in the bass and then some. My complaint is the RF-7s should stand alone and not need a sub, with the except of Movies.

Yes SVS was first choice for a subwoofer, but the price was right on the RSW and is looks good and will match the other Klipsch speakers.

In fairness to Klipsch & the RF-7s. End by saying the RF-7s are exstreamly clear, crystal clear and a joy to listen to, even with what MY EARS percive to be not enough bass. Even my friends think the same. Guess they need their hearing check too?

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