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RF7 10's any DIY ideas??????


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I have a pair of RF7 that I love and thought I would purchase 4 new 10 inch drivers in the fall and give them a tune up and a fresh look, a couple of them have blemishes. I built a sub cab once for four infinity kappa perfect 12's ported all I can say is it slammed. The port opening was big enough I crawled in the box to wire it. That was for a DJ job tuned at around 32hz. What do you guys think I could do with these 4 10's? I am sure someone has had this idea before, did anybody get any farther than an idea? Does anyone know the impedance of one of the 10'? Ported or sealed? Tell me what you think guys.I do have years of building sub enclosures so please all ideas are welcome. In previous life I was one of those damn kids that knocked the cups off the wall at the local sonic or broke some crystal items at local shop (that was an expensive ticket). Thank you all for your help!!!! I have a NAD2200 that has been beefed up so I might about 300watts mono I could run to the cab. I am going to email klipsch and see if I can get some help with this project like Thiele parameters on the 10's

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I would think you could make a decent music sub out of them. I think the RF'7-s are rated to around 30 Hz or so. You can take an Ohm meter and check the voice coils to see what their resistance is and figure your final load from there. You may end up needing more than 300 watts though.

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great pic very similar... I was very happy with sound quality and spl with the infinity kappa perfects that was an amazing speaker for the money. I thought about the power needs and if the enclosure sounds good I am sure I can find a carver amp that will push them. I really thought abut building my own sub at home but I couldn't pay the money for the JL W7. Just to much money. JL's sounded the best in my auto systems, I had RF Kicker L7's and The JL w6 was great.

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You guys might be the ones I need to talk to.

I have 4 of the RF-7 Premier drivers. Two of them are domed dust caps and the other two are the "white ring" with the flat cone. All very nice and working super.

I also have a bunch of Klipsch Cerametallic 10" RSW drivers and passives.

I also have two perfect working amps for the klipsch subs. No preamps but nice working amps. RSW 10s I believe but don't remember the exact model for sure

I was going to list them later on today on the Garage Sale.


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