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PS 3 Yellow light of death


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Hi guys,

I figured I would ask for help on the HT section here because a lot of people use there PS 3 as a Bluray player as well as a gaming system. Last night while loading a game my PS 3 completely shut down, no warning or indications. I tried to restart it and it would just start flashing a yellow light. I looked around the net and its I have only two options.

1) send it to Sony to get repaired $150 plus shipping

2) By the new slim model.

My PS 3 is 2 years old and has had a lot of use so I don't know if its worth getting fixed? Have any members had there units repaired, any problems encountered after the repair.

I was wondering if anyone has had both the "fat" and "slim" models? One thing I always hated with the "fat" model was the fan noise, is the "slim" model any quieter?

Any help

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I bought a 120GB slim a couple weeks ago to replace my 60GB fat PS3. Substantially quieter - my old PS3 suffered from extremely loud fan noise. The new slim PS3 still can be heard slightly but anything louder than a whisper will mask any noise from it.

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