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Help with Used La Scala

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I am new here and hope that someone can help me. I currently have Klipsch synergy speakers and I found a pair of used La Scalas for $1000. I have searched all over the net for things about used La Scalas. I don't know if this is a good price or what I need to look for when purchasing them. Can you plesae help? I read about checking the drivers, x-over and other things. I have also read about x-over upgrades and rope-caulk treatments. What is this about?

Thanks in advance for everything.


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Just give them a listen to, like you would with any other speaker. First listen at a moderate volume and get used to what they sound like. Then crank them up and see if you start hearing any strange noises, or if the speakers don't sound as clean as they did at the lower volume. Put your ear up to the tweeter, an excited buyer will sometimes miss a non working tweeter.

Don't worry about the mods and tweaks that you have read about. If you don't like the way the speakers sound the tweaks won't help you.

Some like me will buy the newer "M" series drivers over the older "V" series drivers and vice versa.

This is usually done , because you want to match the speakers that you already have.

Just tell us what drivers and crossovers they have in them and we can tell you if it's a matched combo. from Klipsch.

$1000.00 is a good price if all is OK.




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if they are in pretty good condition then I would say $1000 is a fair price

the best way to check them out is to hook them up and play music through them -- then you can check the integrity of all the drivers

as far as the upgrades go -- rope calk around the horns prevents the ringing associated with metal horns

crossover upgrades are a bit more complex but you have come to the right place -- get those LaScalas and come back -- there are plenty or Heritage lovers here who would be more than happy to lend you a hand



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If they are in good shape (all drivers work and are undamaged, the cabinets are not ratty and chipped up (2 or 3 small chips are to be expected) and the finish is well done or in original factory condition) $1000 is a fair price. Deduct as appropriate for non-working drivers. All of the drivers can be overhauled rather than replaced. Plan on about $50/tweeter and $75/squawker and woofer. The crossovers are probably not bad.

Be forewarned, La Scalas don't reproduce deep bass. They will go down to 50 Hz in a corner and that's about it.


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Thanks for the help guys! I am going to see if I can bring them home for a few days to listen and look over them. When I do I will get all the specs and make another post to let you know what I have found and see what you think. I'm happy, I've wanted a pair of these for so long! My dad has 24 year old K-horns that I love.

Let you know what I find out this week!

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