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is pw2200 overkill


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i recently started another thread asking for the cheapest acceptable sub, and the best solutions were either a pw2200 or a ksw12. i was sort of convinced about getting the pw2200 except now i realize that i do not have the biggest of ht systems and that maybe that 250w rms is a little too much for my setup. the ksw12 would obviously be a better fit for this reason as many people did suggest that sub, but i was wondering maybe going with another paradigm sub the pdr12. its the biggest of the pdr series without going into the hated ps series. How does this sub compare to the ksw12?

i think i should include that my main speakers are paradigm mini monitors and my center is the cc370. i think that these speakers would get KO'ed by the pw2200.

Also i like the fact that the pdr is front firing cause i don't think the downfiring ksw will shale the cement under my basement floor. i would rather get horizontal firepower rather than vertical.

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No, it's not overkill. The PW 2200 is a good sub - and it never hurts to have the extra. You can always dial the output of the sub down if it's a bit too much - but it's more difficult to turn an underperforming sub up.

If you upgrade mains, the PW 2200 will be of more use too, due to it's quality and quantity of output.

The PW 2200 is excellent for it's price (especially for those in Canada) - I would stay with it, if your budget allows.


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i think i wrote that post in a moment of pure stingyness where i was only thinking of the possible $$$ i would be saving, but after really thinking about it there is no way that i am going to settle for a pdr or even a ksw. Especially after all the great things you guys saud in the other post about the pw2200 i would be stupid to settle for anything else

Anyways, thanks for putting me in my place.cwm35.gif

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