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Need some Klipsch advice pls


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I'm a relative newbie to Klipsch but have fallen in love with my new hobby. Put together an HT system that works pretty good for me. KSB 8.5 mains, SS-1 surrounds and KSC-C1 Center along with AR sub. Question is that I have been advised and research indicates that the correct center for the 8.5s for timbre matching is the KSF C5. Is the C5 a better center and will it make that much difference? Also would be interested in any ideas on locating one if recommended. Would enjoy your opinions and advice. THX in advance!!

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That statement makes me want to go get a RC-7 and replace my RC-3II


the m00n system

RF-3II Front floors

RC-3II Center

RS-3II Surrounds

RSW-12 Subwoofer

Harman Kardon AVR 520

Toshiba SD 3205 DVD

Samsung 27" Flatscreen

c>Microsoft XBOXc>


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I've got a KSF-C5 that I've used sparingly and it is a much better sounding speaker than you might think.I'm going to use mine as a rear center if I ever get around to mounting it.It has dual rear ports,and would be the perfect match for your KSF8.5's. One on E-Bay now.If you have no luck there,call back Disco.Good luck!


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You will be a very happy camper by insisting on the best for a center channel. It simply carries the whole movie, tv show, etc. You begin to hear details in the show that you never heard before, even at normal volumes.

I actually went for an RF-3 which lays on it's side on top of a 55" TV. If I ever get around to it, I'll make a new faceplate to put the horn in the center and the drivers to the outside, but frankly I'm not very motivated as it sounds GREAT!

Coupled with RP-5 fronts for AWESOME bass and subwoofer action and RS-7 surrounds, the system makes people stop in their tracks, sit down on the couch and veg for a few minutes. They always get up smiling!

Most of all, ENJOY!

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