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grilles on or off?


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Well..i started with a pair of RF-3's and i took the grill off when i listened.

I had the feeling that i could hear i bit more detail in the high.

Now i own the Lascala's and i also remove the gril on those.

On the lascala i am certain that the sound is a bit more clear then with the grill on.

So to answer youre question,yes..i always listen with the grill off.

And i'm quit sure that u can hear some difference.

But there is only 1 way to make that sure and that is listen for youre self Smile.gif

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"Transparency" of material used in loudspeaker grilles has always been given attention by manufacturers of loudspeakers for a valid reason. The less transparent the material used, the more the sound is muffled by it. Grilles serve only to hide the drivers lurking beneath, provide some bit of protection to the drivers, and to help to keep dust off of these drivers. Without the grilles, the sound will be clearer, but maybe not noticeably so to the listener's ears...depending on how transparent the grille material used is.

Personally, "I don't need no stinkin' grilles!"...LOL! I kinda like to crank up the music and look at those horn lenses and woofers and such blaring at me, anyway! Smile.gif


If you want to send a private message, or have already done so, be aware I have not as yet been able to retrieve them. Send e-maill instead, please...just note Klipsch forum in the heading so it doesn't get deleted.

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