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Best compression woofers


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What kinds of Theile/Small parameters are ideal for a horn like the LaScala. Obviously you need a high sensetivity. But what about Qms, Qts, and Qes. Since I want my LaScala to go LOW so I am also looking for a low Fs, correct?

Does anyone know what the K-77-E specs are. I want to get pretty close to the bass from the original but I really don't want to spend a lot. I'd rather have them just be loud and go low, than be as smooth and quality as the 77's. Does anyone have any suggestions. I may end up getting the 77's if there are no others. I know there is no substitution for great woofer in these folded enclosures, but I am just a poor college student. If I would spend 100's, I would just go all out and get a used pair off ebay.

Thanks for any help.

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Here are the T-S parameters for the K-33-E:

Re=3.39 Fs=34.46

Le=.96 Mms=78.59

Qm=7.39 Cms=.2714

Qc=.410 Rms=2.3037

QT=.390 Vas=301.66

Xmax=8.20 Sd=889.59

Bl=11.88 EBP=84.4

Eff=2.91 SPL=96.6

you will not be able to make the bass horn go lower because it is too short. Mr. Paul states it is a 70 Hz cutoff frequency was the design goal for the bass horn. Based on this you will have to modify the design, build a different horn, or live with a 55-60 Hz low frequency limit.

The Klipsch K-43 woofer is said to have a little more output, but it costs $250 each.


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I'm in total agreement with John.

The Master picked the K-33 and you're not going to get any better hot rod unit. It is probably close to optimum, as far as a driver can go.

The Fs parameter (alone) doesn't really tell us a whole lot in the application.

The resonance of the combination of the bass horn and the driver is established by the flare rate of the horn and back chamber.


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