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first concert of the year


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just saw BB King and Walter Trout. Maybe i'm just getting old; but, that bass drum for BB King's drummer was miked up WAY too loud. I was actually looking forward to the end of the songs just so that pounding on my chest would stop. it was actually getting physically uncomfortable. Walter Trout played harder and faster; didn't feel his drummer donkey kicking me in the chest. Been to many concerts and this is the very first one where it's gotten annoying.

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I'm about to open myself up to some abuse here, but...........

My wife and I subscribe to the 'Broadway Across Canada' series and have attended a number of musicals at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. One musical that seems to return year-after-year is 'Mama Mia'. I quit going to this one as the last time we attended the performance, the drums seemed to overpower all the other instruments, as well as the vocals. I believe that they were using an electronic drum kit (but I could be mistaken).

The concert sound techs should be paying closer attention to the sound. When you pay a hefty price to see a performance, the sound should be nothing short of great,

Now I will climb off my soapbox.....rant over.


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I seems that a lot of band engineers these days spend their time getting the drums, particularly the kick, on top of the mix. Gates, comps, limiters, EQs, reverbs, most of the outboard rack dedicated is to drums. Back when I was mixing live sound the priority was the vocals. Today you have to strain to hear the vocals, while the band sounds like a slow motion train wreck.

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