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lascala tweak for 35hz???


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Hi guy's,i own for some time the lascala's.

Realy like the sound of it only the bass is a bit pore.

Yesterday i whas reading some opinions about the lascala on the http://www.audioreview.com/ site .

1 of the guys whas telling about a tweak for the lascala to reach the 35hz.

This is what he said.


I have an engineer friend who has designed a reasonable modification to the Belles and La Scallas that extend their low end to 35hz. And I mean a real 35 hz.


Does anyboddy know if this is posible?

And how this could be done?



(this is the compleet url to read JWG's post http://www.audioreview.com/Main,Speaker/Klipsch,La,Scala/PRD_119959_1594crx.aspx)

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I'm pretty sure it's the horn section that limits the lascala's low end. Unless he's changing the cabinet, I wouldn't think it possible but I'm not sure.



KG-4 Fronts

RC-3 Center

Klipsch Quintet Surrounds

DIY Sub based on Adire Audio Shiva Woofer

Sony DB830

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It DOES require cabinet mods. I believe it was designed by djk. It involves putting a port into the woofer's back air chamber and closing off the upper section where the squawker and tweeter live. You've then augmented the bass with a bass reflex cabinet. I also think it requires a filter circuit on your power amp to flatten the bass response at the bottom.


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