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Will I benefit from a power amplifier


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I have a Pioneer Elite SC 35 avr with 140watt continous power rating over 7 channels. Each channel has a class D amp. I have a 9.1 setup. I have Klipsch Icon V series HT setup (VF 35, VC 25, VS 14, VB 15 and a 15in RW sub). The speakers are rate 100-400 for towers and 75-200 on the surrounds. If I were to get a power amp would it be beneficial ; I am guessing the avr has a peak around 280-300. My question are the following:

1) what type of amp and with how much power

2) which speakers to amp

3) dangers to speaker, and avr

Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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The short answer would be no. That is a subjective preference, making some assumptions, though, that might not be yours.

You've got a very nice HT setup. It could be powered differently using separates. IMO the "cost" vs "improvement" curve would be very steep. No good bang for the buck solutions here, IMO.

enjoy your system. invite some company over. my guess is that they will be impressed. well, if they aren't, they should be!

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It's as much a question of quality as of power. If you spend the money for a high-quality power amp that has cleaner sound and maybe more power than your AVR, you'll hear improvements. If you buy a cheap amp, it won't improve things at all.

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