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My Excellent Craigslist week. Twice


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[:D]Day one:

I find a posting for a pair of KG4s. Oiled Oak in very good condition. 50 bucks. I responded about 18 mins after the ad was posted and picked them up the next morning on day two. He says, "I probably should have asked more for them as I have gotten flooded with emails". Cosmetically they are 8 out of 10 with small very chips missing from the veneer on a few corners and one pretty good ding along the front top edge. The chips were on the front of the risers so I just removed them and spun the back to front. Reinstalled and Voila! Functionally perfect and grills excellent. Not too shabby! There were going to become the rears for my HT set up, but then...

Day three I find a guy selling a pair of Oiled Walnut KG5.2s in "emaculant" condition 20 mins from the dudes house. I hit him up about two hours after the ad was posted and he says that there is another guy interested. I tell him I can be there within 20 mins with cash and a truck. Did I mention that he is also selling a Yamaha RX V1400 receiver and a Sony CDP CE 75 CD player along with the speakers for...100 bucks.

The speaks weren't "emaculant" but they are very good. Again 8 out of 10 with minor scratches, two very small veneer chips and very slight water stain ghosting on the top of one. One grill is excellent and the other has a fairly big ding across the top edge where something must have fallen against it. Functionally the speakers are perfect. I spent a few hours cleaning them up and have been applying oil for the last few days. They look very very good and sound fantastic. The water stain is almost invisible and the minor marks cleaned up nicely. I am very happy with them and they are now the rears on my HT set up. I now rate them 9/10.

The receiver and CD player work fine and are both in excellent condition. I also got two very long strands of very very thick speaker wire. I don't know the gauge but it is approx twice the thickness of heavy lamp cord. Hell that's probably 60 bucks of wire the way copper is going lately.

Not bad for 150 bucks!!

Still looking for my Cornwalls and KLF30s.

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I suspect bands like "Double Trouble" got there names from double whammies like your great luck. Always fun to hear of other folks adventures on Craigs list. I know ,,,I have sure had mine .. Nice catch there Mako- "20 mins with cash & a truck" My prefered response..

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Ha Ha! I knew that was coming Dennie! My cam is charging and I'll try and get some pics up soon. Hopefully I can get decent shots which adequately represent the speaks. If the cam shots are lousy, I'll try my new droid phone. It's got an insanely high resolution and ought to barf out a decent pic. My pathetic PC skills however may torpedo the whole thing! Spots on grill are the product of cam.

Note how the rug really ties the room together ;)


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Thanks. You can see water stains on the cardboard box in the top pic. My CFs came out OK but took forever to dry out even with a hair dryer shoved in the ports at the bottom. There is some minor swelling at their bases but unless one goes looking closely for flaws, its not evident. The veneeer did not check but you can feel a tiny ridge between some of the seams along the bottom foot of the speaks. They still sound great. Because of the ports the water was free to enter the cabinet and soak the MDF.

This is the top of the 5.2 which showed water damage. It looks better with each application of oil. This pic makes it look worse than it actually is.


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