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More inane observations from a newb


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I have had my rf3s for a long time now and have posted a few times on how I'm not sure if I want to keep them or not. In another room I have some Energy connosuer c-2 bookshelf speakers with titanium or aluminum tweets, not sure which. Both are run by new Onkyo receivers.

I had been thinking I preferred the sound of the Energys better although they are in a smaller room with more window treatments and a rug that covers basically the whole room. The Rf 3s are in the living room which is comparitively speaking cold and hard with no rug between the couch where I listen and the speakers and no curtains, only blinds.

I finally moved the little Energys into the living room for an A/B comparison. I know it is a bit unfair to compare a small bookshelf speaker with 6" drivers to the Rf3 but I was more interested in the higher end of the frequency scale anyway. I always thought the Rf3's were a but harsh on certain recordings.

First I played Band of Horses which is a very loud, bright and hollow sounding recording. I immediatly noticed I had to crank the less efficient Energys atleast 10 numbers higher on the scale to get the same perceived volume and just as they reached what I would unscientifically refer to as rockin' out levels they begn to sound shouty. Upon switching back to rf 3s I found the sound to acually be a little warmer on the male vocals and if anything, a little less harsh.

I then put the White Stripes in and played the Energys. Sounds good enough. Now back to the Klipsches. Wow, sounds live and the guitars are much more crunchy and exciting and the harshness that I was so concerned about is actually less than with the Energys that strained to fill the room. The Klipsches definatly are not boring!

I went through several other cd's in this fashion and found that I really like the Rf3s more than I realized.

I wish I had access to more speakers to audition but there are really no dealers in my area and none of my friends are into hi fi. I really have go by what I read and then buy and try.

I guess my point is even though I still am looking to upgrade the Rf3s for my music set up, the harshness is probably as much a product of the room acoustics as anything else. I m thinking my next step will be some three way Heritage speakers. I'm thinking either Heresys with a sub or the Forte or Chorus.

The Corwalls look awsome but are probably too big. I am really regretting passing up a pair of KLF20's on ebay for a buy it now of $299. When I went back the next day they had bid and eventually sold for $480!

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Sounds like a fun experiment! Good for you for giving it a try. If you have some "throw rugs" or even some blankets that you can throw on the floor for a little dampening/defusing/absorption, that may help tame the harshness. You can even hang some blankets or tapestries on the wall or paintings (without glass) may help also.

Thanks for sharing your "observations" with us.

Also, keep checking your local Craigslist, you never know what you'll find! [Y]


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