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Oil Filled Capacitors - really an 'upgrade'?


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The article regarding the Williamson amps that John Warren posted the link for made reference to the inferiority of the oil filled caps.

However, companies producing new amps present these caps as an 'upgrade' option.

What's up with that?



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This question, like some of the others you have posed, it a potential POWDER KEG, as it can bring about heated opinions between the parts is parts crowd and the parts make a difference brigade. Again, no sweeping judgements can be made and all preconceived notions should be checked in at the front desk. I have found, more often than not, that every time I draw a pretty solid conclusion here, I later find a place where it doesnt always apply, or even work at all.

Some of the latest experimentation in the DIY tube sector have found that oil caps in the power supply can be VERY beneficial depending on the circuit. This, after the use of electrolytics became a no-no as well. People moved to no use of electrolytics anywhere. But good designs manage to rise above the parts, even though parts do play a difference.

For awhile, it was the elimination of ANY coupling caps as you saw a bunch of new designs that were direct coupled as designers thought caps colored the sound, no matter how good. Some ended up using the various cap types to tailor the sound and you have the many various opinions of cap construction and the impact.

As for oils, I will gon on record here and say that the new crop of copper and silver foil oils from the likes of Jensen and Audio Note are simply amazing. Others dont agree and that is fine. I am just reporting my experience. I tend to like copper foil oils in amps the most but preamps have their place too, depending on unit. Personally, I think they are also very good with horns. Jensen has been around for over 50 years and their stuff is damn good. Audio Note, which used to source their caps from Jensen, has their own brand now that is good as well, some saying better.

As always, this is a hotly debated issue and personal preference as well as experience does apply. As for your Super Amp, if you talk to Dennis Had, the amp's designer, he thinks the Jensen Copper Oils are an upgrade as well. See the back of your manual. They are harmonically rich, have great tone, and NO HARSHNESS. They do NOT have the transiant snap of some of the better film/foil caps but sound more real to me. AGain, personal preference.


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