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WANTED : Woofer K-31-K for KLF30 alone in France !


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Hi everybody

sorry for my approximative english, i' am a french audiophile , i have a pair of Klipsch KLF30 drived by a Yaquin MC100b , i wanted a pair of speaker Klipsch K31K ( woofer ) but even just one can make my happyness in order to replace mine HS ( crached by my litle boy ! ; (((( )

if anybody find one or two ,in US and can to shipping in France ( near Paris) , i am very interressed !

best regards


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In the event that nobody has one/two for you....you should be able to order them directly from Klipsch. They might have a new part number but, that is the same driver they used in the Jubilee and from what I recall hearing, they had a vendor problem and have since fixed it.

Welcome to the forum & good luck!

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I sucessfully repaired a break just like that one using Loctite Black Max. Smallest available volume is one ounce at about $60.00 was a perfect repair. I held the edges together with tape on the front of the cone and laid a thin wet bead along the crack on the back side, I applied two applications over two days and the unit has been functioning perfectly. Best of luck and regards Moray James.

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