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An AVR that can really Bi-amp actively?: Onkyo NR 5010


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This is an interesting evolution in AVR's, the Onkyo NR5010. From looking at the manual it appears that active bi-amp can be done. I copied the HF XO.



250Hz”, “320Hz”, “400Hz”, “500Hz, “630Hz”,

800Hz”, “1000Hz”, “1250Hz”, “1600Hz”,

2000Hz”, “2500Hz”, “3200Hz”, “4000Hz”,

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I see this as a natural progression from analog-based connections between disk players to AVRs, to today's digital buses connecting these two components via HDMI. There is an advantage in keeping the signal in the digital domain up until amplification, avoiding one more AD-->DA conversion that is required with present AVPs (preamps) plus speaker processors that require another A/D-->D/A conversion, finally outputting analog to external power amplifers. Until preamplification stays in the digital domain between electronics boxes in the signal chain, bi-amping in an AVR is actually the high road with complete immunity from noise and added A/D-->D/A conversion stages.

Newer AVRs have increased the default number of channels (5.1 --> 9.2+) over time, and the fact is that many users still only use 5.1 (or less) channels. AVRs can be easily made to support bi-amping or even tri-amping with just a little bit more added circuitry and firmware. The cost of the added DSP computational load to bi-amp is probably becoming less of an issue with increased performance of these devices.

If the quality of the internal AVR power amplifiers is high (...and this is a big "if"...), then this is a superior way to get noise-free, higher-quality sound, and avoids having to have one or more crossover filters in the loudspeakers themselves. I assume that these AVRs are using class "D" amplifiers.


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But to do this affectively, don't you also have to remove the internal crossovers on speakers? Or would removing the bumpers drop the ohm load?

I don't know what all is involved to be able to bi-amp. I am not familiar enough with Onkyo avr's, I had a Flagship Onkyo over 10 years ago, but a lot has changed since then.

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The manual said the HF xo and bi-amp function is meant for speakers without a internal xo network but, it can still be used with unaltered speakers.

Onkyo just lost some credibility, IMHO...they are implying "fool's biamping".


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