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OT: Help me choose a 19" monitor please!

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Sony, Mitsubishi, ViewSonic, all use contractors to assemble their monitors.

You really have to look at specs to get a good comparison.

Your ViewSonic has a tube that is common to other monitors that have short neck CRTs.

I got in the habit of looking up components and factories to find 19" Diamondtron tube monitors for $217. You will see this monitor with a name on it at a much higher price.

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Originally posted by ?:

I've seen the F500, and trust me, the finer dot-pitch is well worth the extra money if you can afford it.

All I'm saying is, I would NOT pay anywhere near $1000 for a 19" monitor at this point. If I was in the market for the $1000 F400, I'd just go ahead and grab a G500 for the same price and step up to 21" goodness.

Besides, the F500 has its problems in other areas that the G500 and G520 fixed. But they lack the smaller dot pitch. So it kinda evens out. All of them are excellent monitors.

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I have a question about monitors that has always plagued me. Whent the dot pitch gets higher, is that better? Like is a .27 dpi monitor better than the same exact monitor at .24 dpi?



soon-to-have system for oc'ing:

Duron 700 MHz

Alpha PAL6035 with Delta Black label fan

Abit KT7 mobo

Crucial 128MB PC133

some old 5GB 5400RPM drive

Diamond Monster Fusion 16MB Voodoo Banshee

Creative SB Live! 5.1 X-Gamer

Creative 36x CDROM

Sony Spressa 8x/4x/32x Re-Writable

SMC 10/100 NIC

300W PSU

Windows 98SE

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