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FS or Trade: Altec 511b with K-55-v

The Dude

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I have a single Altec 511b with a Klipsch k-55-v driver for sale, I have never really used this. There is two broken ears as you might be able to tell from the pics. Someone has started to paint them black, I believe that they were green at one time. I am asking 150.00 plus shipping, I all so have a crite 400/4500 crossover I would sell 100.00, all are best offer. I would be willing to trade for one of those active crossover/processor thingys everyone has been raving about(I would like to try this whole active thing).

Thanks for looking

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I am sure any added work would only decrease the value for Altec fans. Better I think to leave them alone. 511 are a poison you pick some love them others not. That is both a good and a bad thig all at the same time. They are not a fence sitters choice that's for sure. Very first pair of A7 I heard had 511 then a big set of Valencia and I must admit I wanted a pair very much way back then. Good luck with your sale these are a special sounding horn and the blunted corners will not effect how they sound to the Altec fans (or to anyone else) out there. Very best regards Moray James.

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Harry O gave me a pair of empty Altec A7 bins a couple years ago. He had sold all the old 'green' components to buyers in Malaysia, where they brought quite a premium. You might try overseas if you're up for the paperwork and such.

Thats a option, I will have to look into details. I can look at ebay international but I don't know if Malaysia falls under international ebay. Has anyone ever sold anything ebay international. I don't mind doing paper work.

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