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K-Horns with problems for $800......worth it?

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I have an opportunity to buy a pair of K-Horns for $800 for the pair. They are sequential serial #'s as follows..... 226393096/7 ....Problems are as follows..

1. Supposedly the tweeters are blown on both, and an aftermarket dome-type tweeter has been rigged to the line input jacks where the speaker is powered from the reciever. Very wierd setup. The wire has been cut from the crossover to the original horn tweeters on one, is intact on the other. The tweeters sit on top of the speakers because they obviously won't fit.

Question is......what would it take to blow the tweeters and could there be more damage that had been done? Is it the tweeter that is blown or actually the crossover? Is there a way to test the crossover?

2. The cabinets are in decent shape.....finished in Raw Birch. However, one has a gouge on the front face about 3 inches long and 1/4 inch deep.....looks like hell. Was wondering if that could be fixed/refinished somehow. Grilles are excellent.

The crossovers are the AK-3 type. The Tweeters had #9426 stamped in large black print, with various other #s in smaller print that was tough to read.

My question is whether or not the tweeters are actually blown, or is it the crossover? If it is one or the other, what would something like this cost to fix? Could the way he's had them rigged have screwed something else up? And can the gouge be fixed in the Raw Birch?

I have been a Klipsch fan since the mid 80's and have always wanted a pair of K-Horns......are these a diamond in the rough or a problem waiting to happen? Any help would be much appreciated. Also, I live about 2 hours from the nearest Klipsch Retailer.....it would be tough, but not impossible, to get them there. Thanks in advance for the help.......

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I'd think there is a very good chance the cross over is alright. There is not much delicate in there. That is bad news in that crossover components are relatively cheap.

On the other hand, tweeters are delicate and we see reports of blown tweeters on the forum from time to time. They were probably over driven.

At worst you can take out the tweeters and send them to Hope to fix. Others can suggest alternate sources of repair. Call Hope and get a quote based on you sending them in. You can test them with a multimeter and I can give you some advice on that if you like.

I assume you can patch up the wires yourself.

See if the seller will take off another $200 for the tweeters and $100 buck for the gouge. Horse trade a bit. People seldom open with their rock bottom figure.

I think you can not make a cosmetically acceptable patch of a gouge. On the other hand, you could fill it and paint the units in your choice of colors. Black is popular.


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Unless you're willing and able to repair them yourself, I'd walk away. There have been several sets on E-bay in the last month or so, all for around $1500. Birch ones for even less. In the end, you'll probably spend that much buying and repairing the set your considering.

I bought a pair off E-bay in April. Spent a bit more than I had budgeted, but got a mint, matched, sequential number set, in walnut no less.

HDBRBuilder convinced me to be patient and wait for the right pair to come along. It proved to be good advice.

Good luck, whichever option you choose.



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That sounds like a good enough price to me. The tweeters could be repaired for a little as $26 each, if you can replace the diaphragm yourself. Klipsch will replace them (and probably test the repair) for $75 to $80 each. The gough will have to be filled, sanded and refinished. I have no idea what that might cost. If the finish is dark you'll have a better chance of making it match. I think Gil is right about the crossover; it's probably good. Those tweeters have a continous rating of about 2 watts and a peak rating of about 10 (I've been told several values). djk says the newest replacement diaphragms have a bit higher rating, but I can't remember the value. He's usually right. The other drivers are pretty tough, they should be fine. Listen to them to be sure. An overhaul will be in the $75 to $100 range each. Check the bottoms of the cabinet for water stains and/or delaminations. If there are any, walk. That's too much wrong to be worth the trouble.


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Another thing to check is to ensure the original woofer type is in them...if somebody blew a tweeter, then no telling what else they blew...the mid driver should be fine though...it can take gobs of abuse!! Replacement woofers are around 100 bucks each from Klipsch...plus shipping.


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