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If 3 tubes are good, 4 MUST be better!


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Today was delivery day at the crash zone. Smile.gif A quad of matched Ei Yugo's showed up. Then a quad of Mullard NOS CV4004's. A quad of Mullard EL84's will be arriving in the next few days. Trying to buy a Knight tube tester as well. Insanity has set in and I am on a tube buying spree. Just remembered I need to send an email to jazman.

Anyhow, pulled the existing Mullards and stuck in the Ei's; initially thought what happened here? Sound has gotten much better as they warmed up. This little Eico freaking rocks. Volume has gone WAY up. I am afraid to go over 7. I can steadfastly recommend you run your amps with ALL the tubes lit. Smile.gif I still think I prefer the Mullards though - will know soon enough.

Listened to Santana, listened to Neil Young, listened to Rush, and now listening to Dire Straits. I was never much into listening to whole CD's but jeez, I listen now just to see what will blow my mind. I swear the bass has increased - I turned it down because it was so pounding.

I am going to do a freq. response chart because it sounds like a sub is working here. No bass in Heresies my butt.


HT - Klipsch Synergy Premiere

Audio - Heresy, KG4

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The last time I checked I saw Mullard EL-34's for $375 PER TUBE.

I guess there are more CV4004's around then EL-34's?

Where did you get your EL-84's? I am going to need a couple myself.



Cary AE-25 * S F Line 1 * S9000ES * HSU x-over * SVS CS+ * Klipsch RF7s f>s>

Psalm 122:6f>c>s>

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Crash - I know what you mean about the Heresys. I have measured mine down to 47 Hz at the listening position which is way better than they are supposed to be - driven by tubes of course.

But, if you do add the right sub you would be amazed at the difference.

For me the REL Strata 3 does the job. Most of the time I forget its on - Often I have to go over to it to make sure it is playing, but, when I do switch it off the difference is immediate and very apparent.

You can get a lot of bass (relatively) out of a pair of Heresy's in the right room with the right amplification but when you do add that sub it really rocks and sounds much closer to the rest ofthe Heritage range.


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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