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for the tube amp guys out there, some test gear for sale


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hello klipsch friends.

I have a few items for testing and setting the bias of your tubes on your pre amps and amp

will work on pro and home gear

first item

bias king ... the unit for reading the bias of your tubs. this is the info from bias king web page

BIAS KING features one tube socket, enabling you to
check the bias of your tubes one tube at a time.

Works on most octal socket tube amps
Small enough to carry in most guitar cases
Requires no power source other than amp it’s plugged

No expensive batteries to replace
Can be used to “match” tubes into pairs

2nd item

tif 660 capacitor tester

TIF660 is an audible capacitor checker designed to make capacitor testing fast
and easy.
A conveniently sized, time saving instrument capable of quickly
checking all types of capacitors and diodes. TIF-660 is also a versatile
continuity checker and will give rough indications of resistance.

Identifies good, bad and leaking capacitors
Range 1 - 2000 µF
Checks continuity of fuses and transformers
Built in test leads
Push button control
Testing current 1 mA max
Charging time 45 µF/se

3rd item

older radio shack true rms digital multimeter

i did not look up the specs of this one, i'm sure anyone that knows how to check out tubes knows what this does

i would like to get 200.00 obo.

i will pay shipping and paypal fees.

all items will come in a black hard carry case

and all items are used and from what i can tell is that they all work. i dont have any way of check the bias king but was told its in working order

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