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For Sale LaScala II in walnut SOLD


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The TV is a 65" Panasonic VT30. The sharp picture goes well with the crisp sound from the speakers.

Here you can see the rear view of one of the La Scala IIs. It has 4 binding posts, to make bi-wiring easy. They're marked LF IN and HF IN. It comes with 2 jumper cables to enable normal 2-conductor speaker wiring. The top jumper cable is stock, while the bottom one is not. Perhaps the original was lost and was replaced with this longer one.

The cardboard sheets under the speaker make it easier to skid around on the carpet, and they were taken out once it was in position.

The AL-5 crossover is mounted inside the HF cabinet/top box. There is a hole in the bottom of the top box, just above a recess in the LF cabinet/bass box. A 2-conductor cable from the crossover comes down through the hole and connects to binding posts in the recess in the LF cabinet, to drive the woofer. There's enough slack to allow for easy connection/disconnection by raising the rear of the HF cabinet.

As you can see, the La Scala II has a more finished look than the original La Scala. It also makes it less inviting to think about modifying it, which may be one reason most LS IIs are stock at this point.


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