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For Sale LaScala II in walnut SOLD


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I have for sale a beautiful pair of Klipsch LaScala IIs. They are walnut veneer. excellent condition.

Used in my dedicated room with Shindo amps. I purchased them brand new about 5 yrs ago.

They are consecutive serial #. B stock for mismatched veneers. I am a woodworker and the veneers are a pretty good match, just not perfect.

I have the original boxes. Asking $3200

will post pics soon


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OK, new to the forum and was thinking about a pair of B stock RF7 II for my "theater" room (25 x 25) but can i ask the forum about using these La Scalas instead, would they sound completely different and wonderful? What would you recommend as a center?

shindosan, i'm just down in Seattle so not too bad too come up...would have been easier with a bridge on i-5 ...;-)

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you might consider a Heresy III for a centre and even surrounds. You have a big room. That setup would sound awesome.

I also have for sale a pair of velodyne DD10 Plus subs that I use with the LaScalas. They work amazing together.

before the Velodynes I had a JL F112 and the Velodynes blow it away and they have auto room correction.

We just missed the bridge collapsing by 2 days when we came back from camping.


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Yes they are! They sound great and look great. I picked them up last Monday and got them both hooked up the other day. The La Scala IIs are an aural and visual upgrade over the original La Scalas.

Thanks to shindosan for keeping the speakers in great condition, and for loading them (with his helpful neighbour) into my van. It was good to meet him and hear his system, and I'd recommend him as a great guy to deal with.

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You going to keep them stock or put your 510 on top?

Ya know, I've always thought it would be nice if Klipsch offered the LaScala with the 510 option. Imagine being able to order it factory direct with the 510 sitting in the top. (inside the top section)

What are you doing with your old ones?

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I've already put the 510s on top, and they sound great! Thanks for asking. La Scala sound (original or second-generation) is no match for JubScala sound. The extra 4" height of the LS II cabinets seems to give a bigger presentation, plus the bass is more authoritative than that from the original Scalas. They're a definite upgrade in sound.

As well, the walnut cabinets match the walnut of the Belle centre, so the front three speakers look like a set now.

When I first got the 510s in 2008, I considered modifying the front boards of the La Scalas to allow them to fit inside the cabinets for a near-stock appearance, but to my ears the LS cabinets are a bit too short. When they're onstage, that doesn't matter, but when they're on a living room floor, it gives the sensation that the musicians are all sitting down. That's why I decided to get custom stands built and put the 510s on top of the LS cabinets.

If Klipsch were to offer the LS IIs with the 510s in place of the K400/K-55Xs and K-77s (La Scala II-S (S for Super?)), they'd need to design a new passive crossover, since going active and bi-amped is not of interest to many customers. The 510/K-69s are also quite a bit more costly than the stock mid and high units, so an expensive speaker would become even more expensive. I think it would be a bit of a gamble.

Yesterday, I spoke to Steve Phillips about the connections. I've removed the factory jumper cables, and connected the bass speaker cables to the 'LF In' binding posts on the LS II top section. There's a cable that goes from the crossover out through a hole in the bottom of the LS II top hat and connects to binding posts directly below it, set into the top of the LS II bass cabinet.

I'm not sure if this sends the signal through the AL-5 crossover or bypasses it. Steve suggested I should just connect the bass speaker cable directly to the bass bin, so the signal would have the most direct route to the woofer. Of course, the small space between the upper and lower cabinets is too low to allow the 8 gauge speaker cable that I use to pass through, so I'll add a short length of 12 gauge and use that to connect to the bass bin binding posts. Always some details to deal with, but right now the connection to the LF In is working and sounding fine.

Another thing Steve mentioned is that lacquer never really hardens, so he cautioned me about putting anything on top of the speakers that is not very light. The four little rubber buttons on the 510 stands could put four little dents in the lacquer over time, and I don't want that, so I have the 510s sitting on cardboard sheets until I research a bit more. I'll likely put glass or Plexi sheets on top of the cabinets to protect them, but first I want to be sure the Plexi wouldn't interact with the lacquer in any way. I also don't want to do anything that compromises the sound.

The original La Scalas might be sold at some point, but for now I've reconnected the HF sections and placed the speakers behind the sofa. They got fresh Sonicaps and CT125 tweeters a few years ago, so they're sounding good. They'll be the new surround speakers, and then I'll reconnect the spare Belle to use as centre rear. That should make for a nice 6.1 system. [:D][H][:P] Yes, I'm a bit thrilled about the potential of this combination.

The Heresy IIs and III that I'm using now are okay, but the bigger speakers will be a much better match with the front L, C, and R speakers. I'm setting up stands to get the Scalas and Belle about 12" higher, so they're not muffled by firing into the furniture. It will probably be a few weeks before everything is dialled in.

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Fresh out of the boxes and not yet hooked up. You can see the 510/K-69 tweeter on the black left La Scala in the background. Both black La Scalas have to come out, so the La Scala IIs can be put in their places.


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