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WTB - An old pair of AA crossovers


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Hey guys -

I am looking for an old pair of AA crossovers that I can hopefully pick up inexpensively. I am planning on replacing the capacitors so it doesn't matter if they are shot.

If you have a pair to sell, please send me a PM or email and let me know what you have and your price.


Kevin (in Houston)

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Hey Kevin:

You could build a pair from scratch easily. I think I have a couple of autoformers in my parts bin I could mail you, maybe the woofer chokes, too. You need to get the additional inductor, which are easy to source. The terminal blocks for amp input and driver connections from Fries (which seems to always be out of stock of the value of resistor or cap I need-- seems like that happens every time I go there!) :). Caps from the usual sources. Put everything on a piece of pine scrap from Home Depot and you've got what you need for pretty cheap!

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