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Yamaha M 70 two channel amp in great condition and Subwoofers


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Epik Legend: All around great sub-perfect for use with a sealed or ported sub. Extends down to 16 Hz

Premiere Acoustic PA 150: A great sub that will fill a large room. It is a sound output monster that can easily hit 120 db@ 2 meters. Beautiful pianao gloss black.

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Epik Legend subwoofer still for sale. New price $300 and local pickup near Chicago, IL

It is a 10/10 in condition and function.

  • Audiophile dual 12 inch compact
    subwoofer system

  • 300W RMS amplifier

  • Parallel Drive Technology ™

  • Sealed cabinet design for improved
    sound quality & subsonic performance

  • Opposed side-firing drivers cancel
    out cabinet vibration

  • Stackable, side-by-side or
    separate placement abilities

  • Outstanding midbass performance

  • Massive ¾ inch thick internally
    braced cabinet

  • 1 inch thick grills with
    acoustically transparent fabric

  • Compact CAD designed enclosure

  • Precision CNC machined

  • Full 1 inch radius corners

  • High quality black laminate finish

  • RCA dedicated LFE and Crossover

  • 750W short-term RMS

  • Frequency response : 20-200 Hz
    +/-3.5 dB

  • 16 - 18 Hz usable in-room

  • Weight: 80 pounds shipped

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