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Grant Fidelity B283 MKII Buffer


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If quality is your name, this buffer is your game. Not only does this Grant Fidelity buffer have better quality control than your standard Chinese made products, but I have upgraded it make it best any tube buffer on the market. The tubes are 1952 Raytheon 6SN7 GTB, but I'll include the stock tubes as well. I have also upgraded all the signal capacitors to ANSAR PPA units, installed film bypass caps on the power supply caps, and bleeder resistors where needed to keep everything safe.

I was using this between my old passive preamp and my amp, but my new passive preamp and amp combo does not seem to benefit from this in the signal path. This buffer does make a big difference and can take your system to the next level. Add an audiophile component to your system because who doesn't love tubes!

The buffer will be sold in the factory box with factory foam, with factory accesories; also included will be a pair of 10in RCA jumpers made with DH Labs BL-1 cabling.


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