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Karlson Literature Free

George Roland

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Hi Guys,

I write with an offer of some free literature on Karlson Speaker enclosures. These were given to me by my older brother who built a set of Karlsons in the '60s. Some are original, most look like Xerox copies.

What I have are:

1.) two one-page Instructions sheets from University Loudspeakers for Series 100 15-inch and Series 200 8-inch "Diffaxial" speakers that, I guess he was considering buying for his Karlsons.

2.) A reprint from Radio and Television News, January, 1954, article "The Karlson Speaker Enclosure" by John E. Karlson.

3.) Karlson "Data Sheet 1" giving some assembly instructions and suggested drivers.

4.) A dimensioned drawing of the Karlson enclosure.

5.) A reprint from September, 1952 Audio Engineering Magazine entitled "A New Approach in Loudspeaker Enclosures" by John E. Karlson.

6.) A price list from Karlson Associates, undated.

I am not trying to make any money on this stuff, but would like $3.00 to cover postage.

The first person who e-Mails me at groland@allegheny.edu and says he/she wants this gets it.

Please send $3.00 to cover postage to:

George Roland

435 Sunset Drive

Meadville, PA 16335

and include your mailing address.



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