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Velodyne DD-18 auto EQ


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It's the biggest, baddest, cleanest, hardest-hitting sub in the world today, with distortion under ½% and a staggering amount of output; at 115 dB maximum output, it's 5 dB louder than a sonic boom. Needless to say, it also gets low--way, way low, with a frequency response between 14.4 and 120 Hz at 3dB down with a massive 3000 Watt dynamic amplifier.

I have the original boxes, calibration microphone and remote control

This is not your typical Best Buy sub, it's the real thing and in mint condition.

Selling since my surround sound system has turned into a two channel setup


I will discount if you can pick this monster up

Shipping via freight only in original box on a pallet

Finish is maple and is in excellent condition

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I had the privilege of hearing John's DD18 when I purchased the Parasound HCA2205a amp from him in April of 2010 (BTW John, the amp is still running strong and I'm still loving it [:D]).

At the time of my visit, John had an absolutely incredible setup. Khorns powered by McIntosh gear and definitely the baddest sub I have ever heard, his DD18. It is truly massive in size and in output. I've owned dual Velodyne HGS15's (same as the DD15 but without the room correction).

From my visit, I can tell you that John takes incredible care of his gear and owns some incredible gear. If you want some SERIOUS slam, yet surprisingly very musical sub, I don't think you can go wrong with purchasing his DD18.

Best wishes with the sale sir.


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