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Modded Musical Fidelity V-LPS and Pyramid PS-3KX $150 + shipping


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I just completed a Hagerman Cornet 2 so I am selling my Musical Fidelity V-LPS.

Included: V-LPS, Pyramid PS-3KX power supply and original walwart

I did the mods myself. I was a licensed electronics repairman in the 70's, I don't do it for a living but I still know how to read a schematic and solder

Here are the circuit mods:

NE5534 replaced with OPA627BP x2

C207/C307/C209/C309 removed

C206/C306 to WIMA FKP2 polypropylene 100pF

C222/C322 to WIMA FKP2 polypropylene 100pF

C205/C305 to Vishay Roederstein MKT1813 4.7uF

C216/C316 to Vishay Roederstein MKT1813 4.7uF

C215/C315 to Vishay Roederstein MKT1813 0.1uF

R201/R301 to 180k 12/22/12 to 150k 12/28/12 to 100k

C1 (1000uF) to Nichicon FG 16V 2200uF

C2 to Nichicon FG 25V 1000uF

C4 to Nichicon FG 16V 100uF

C217/C317 to WIMA FKP2 63V 3300pF

C210/C310 to Nichicon film 50V 8200pF

C213/C313 to WIMA FKP2 63V 33000pF

C212/C312 to Vishay ceramic 50V 33pF

C208/C308 to Nichicon FG 16V 470uF

C211/C311 to silver mica 1200pF 500v

C212/C312 to silver mica 33pF 500v

This does sound better than a stock V-LPS. The holes in the case were for wires I used to run to a switch.

Photobucket link: http://s1215.photobucket.com/user/cytovette/library/Audio%20Video/Musical%20Fidelity%20V-LPS

$150 + shipping


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With the mods, will it play well with a Denon DL-301 low output MC cartridge?


Other than changing the capacitors in the power supply circuit the mods are mostly to the MM side and should not affect the MC side. The power supply mods should help with bottom end.

I have never used a MC cartridge so I really don't know how it sounds with one. It should be fine but I cannot say for certain.



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