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  1. Willie will be bring his 26-26-45 tube amp; things just got even more interesting.
  2. Sounds good, Jack. This was built by Gabe; he will be down Sunday.
  3. Bruce, if you can ferret a pair of 350Bs out of them, I could review it vs the original WE/NU 350b.
  4. Hagerman Cornet MM phono preamp with power wall wart, plastic case, two Vintage TungSol 12ax7s, one EH 12au7, $350, can demo on my Thorens TD125 with Shure V15 or Grado Blue cartridge.
  5. I have added a poll so you can vote for which tube amp you want to hear. You have to log in in order to vote, unless you live in St. Louis.
  6. coder, I'm trying to sell about ten sets of speakers, but I have told my speaker buying friends about them.
  7. Bump in a vain effort to get someone to attend from the Klipsch forum.
  8. Homebrew tube listening session Sun Feb 24 12:30-4:30 Hopefully some of y'all can make it! Please RSVP
  9. That would be close to getting you into the Eico HF81 integrated I have for sale in the garage sale forum, or either of the Sherwood’s, or the Magnavoxes, or some of the others. some are restored, some are restomodded, some need restoration, and most are much better than getting in new at that level.
  10. Thebes, I’ll check. I pulled a sep el84 amp out of mine, think it was an RCA. Not a Zenith, with that middle floating island.
  11. In all likelihood, no. It is very important to purchase something at a certain base level of quality. One of my local friends bought a cheap amp because he had never before seen such a good deal. He then spent another $450 trying to get the amp gremlins solved, only to find at $850 into it that he purchased a shitty $400 that sounds even worse at $850. spend some money, get into quality, and leave the learning curve for others.
  12. Yep, we’re just dirty old speaker collectors! 🙂
  13. Yeehaaw! 3000 posts and I’m still taking about tailpieces!
  14. No tailboard = homebuilt. the 1r crossover petered out sometime in 66-67. My one friend’s 67 has AAs.
  15. Do you live in Illinois or Misery?
  16. John, I have tube amps and integrated tube amps across every economic spectrum for sale in the garage sale section, as Tarheel noted. You can even visit and listen to the restored ones on a pair of Heresys, or Rf7s, if you are near St. Louis. Even if you don’t buy anything, you are still welcome to listen. With the colds now over, and the ice storm gone, we again can move about in the Midwest!
  17. Fremer is a dinosaur that serves a purpose. He deliberately charted a course that would set him against the digital age, and champion analog - specifically records. over the intervening years, it has made him a lot of money, and kept Stereophile relevant in the cause of Audiophilia at one end of the spectrum. The quest has also ensured that he would be knighted for his quixotic quest, and bestowed with numerous deep discount gears. Just as deeply vested are the digital cd crowd, and now the computer based digital consumers. I have heard systems every bit as good on the digital side as the vinyl/analog side at this point, and the digital side has the advantage of not making the room look like a tornado just passed. Like all bell cow dinosaurs, Fremer can find a hill and roar over the superiority of his viewpoint, but as the recording industry shifts almost exclusively to digital recording, his stance that analog is best becomes evermore specious.
  18. St. Louis has been a hotbed for Stereophiles since post WWII, and both of my main mentors knew tons of people. Now I just have to work on passing on some of the museum, so others can enjoy it as much as we have. It is nice to know it is going to new owners who will enjoy listening to it for decades to come. 🤓
  19. Bump for the price changes, and the added gear. The Pioneer D23 electronic crossover is the bomb for playing with new drivers and being able to change crossover slopes and adjust volume levels while holding a cuppa joe in the other hand. Outside of the newfangled computer controlled rack drive units, you will not find anything more flexible, and nothing compares in quality.
  20. Bump to add. Pioneer D23 (Spec series)active crossover, four way stereo, with multiple selectable slopes, selectable crossover points, and volume attenuators for all four selected ranges. One of the best and most flexible analog active crossovers ever, great cosmetics and operation. $1800 filter slopes are all selectable with flat, 6, 12, and 18 dB per octave dB level pots are -infinity to 0 dB, with fine gain from -30 dB to 0 dB crossover transition points can be gang shared, woofer at 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, and 630 Hz mid to tweet points are 320, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1k, 1.25k, 1.6k, 2k, 2.5k, and 3.2k this bank is duplicated as well tweet to supertweet are 1.6 2 2.5 3.2 4 5 6.3 8 10 12.5 and 16khz This crossover allows for direct drop-in use with Khorns. And use from one multichannel amp, or three, four, five or six Stereo/mono amps.
  21. Probably a 500t or 600t. No harm, woofs:-)
  22. Please, that McIntosh is a Fisher.
  23. I found the 4100 to be better than the 6100. i sold both, but I still have the KX200. It is a slightly more relaxed and inviting sound on the legacy Llipsch.
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