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Gone - 1 cent - 4X8 tandom axle trailer PU in NYC

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Got a 4X8 tandom axle trailer I'm giving away. I built it from two harbor freight kits. Easily hauls over 2500lbs. I recently used it to haul 40 sheets of 12ft sheet rock. Built it to haul my harley ultra to ga , but now have a truck. I registered it in Maine as homeade and got a 5yr registration for about 35bucks. sorry, that reg is not transferable. So you will have to register it as homemade as well. a Maine trailer registration is valid in any state and Maine welcomes out of state trailer registrations. Free to who ever can pickup. No Dibs, or I'll take it post here....you can ignor any I'll take it post.....who ever can come get it first can have it. PM or email me and we will go from there. No road trips or deliveries....you have to pick up in NYC. Oh, and for the forum troll patrol.....whats this got to do with klipsch...duh...you can use the trailer to haul LaScala's, Khorns, Belle's, MWM's, etc. If you only pick up to sell this on ebay or craigslist you will have bad karma and 7 years of bad luck. This is posted on other forums as well so if you snooze you might loose. Pick it up first, discuss with wife later.

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gone yesterday. someone did a www search and found it on the forum. trailer went with an extra mounted spare and two extra unmounted high speed tires. hopefully it will be put to good use. it was fun building it and it has seen trips from NYC to Ga and nyc to Indy. Not too many tandem axle 4X8"s out there.

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