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  1. that's all. I honestly don't know how many thousand rounds of ammo and reloading supplies I have stored up for target and rat shooting. Lots of guns require lots of ammo!
  2. Don't let him fool ya, He'll probably bring a box of rocks. He's hoarding the good stuff for himself
  3. I hope you are right Carl. Then this would be a bunch of hoopla. However with hospitals cancelling elective surgeries. Not accepting any more admissions as I have been told is the case with the Roseburg VA hospital, I feel the need for caution. I'm afraid to go get a shot for a bone spur, as well as other medical issues that are necessary.
  4. OK so I'm ignorant. What does PAW stand. I think I may guilt but not sure. Is it simular SHMBO?
  5. My experience with dog owners suggests they are pretty much deaf. At least to their dogs barking. Record the barking on a loop and play it for them when they are sleeping. If one night of that don't work, leave it play for a weekend while you are away, or even a week. Ya gotta make sure it is very loud and annoying.
  6. I like steaks too. Neighbors dogs used to get into the wifes chickens. She locked the dogs in the kennel and called them on the 1st offense. 2nd offense I locked one of them in the kennel and ran the 2nd dog home with a .40 cal glock. I made it a point not to shoot the dog, just make a bunch of noise. Then called and told them if they wanted the second dog back they should hurry over as I was getting ready to take it for a ride.. Neighbors arrived, pretty much pissed that I had scared one dog home and locked the other one up. With Glock in one pocket, and Judge in another, I explained that I did not want to hurt anyones dogs or they would have already been shot. Also mentioned that this was the second time and I hoped there would not be a third. As I would not call them again. Did not mention that I would have called animal control though. No more problems with the dogs. Or those neighbors.
  7. Do they chase cars? Do a slow drive by with a rag flopping from a tire. Maybe the owner will run out and bite the rag. End of problem.
  8. It's all about the money. If it's illegal it costs more and there is no taxes paid. Here in Oregon is seems the price has gone down to the point that some people are even giving it away. Still no taxes on that that is given away, but it does not support criminal enterprise.
  9. I know my cousin uses a rotary sub for his band. Overheard one of the band members saying it was a good investment. Me. I know nothing.
  10. Taz

    For fini ?

    Used to be a humorus thread that had pages of jokes. Supposely for fini. Can anyone find this and bump it? I've looked and guess I'm not up to the task. john
  11. Klipsch's site. Klipsch's rules. Have not found an audio site I enjoy more. Hopefully this is just the pendulum swinging and we're not circling the Drain.
  12. Checked the fuses and they were fine. I did not however power it up again. I've already shipped it. Will have other work done also (LED lights) and ????
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