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  1. I had the pleasure today to visit with Youthman and check out his awesome home theater. 150 inch screen!! Fantastic professional wood working, looks awesome! Wake junkie did an excellent job. Everything looks great and sounds great fantastic job guys! Way to go! I might need to do a drop-down screen and add to my home theater!
  2. Youthman, That looks awesome! WJ has done fantastic work. He is very gifted with his skills! Can't wait to see it and experience it!
  3. That set-up looks Sweet! I can't wait to see and hear it! That pic of Shaun freaked me out! Lol!
  4. Yes, that would make it much easier than going into the avr set-up to make a "on-the"-fly" change, good point.
  5. Are you talking about the Ch A and Ch B dials on the inuke?yes. I've wondered which is preferred method for control, either through the avr or amp. I've read to max the signal input to the amps and then adjust through the avr. It can get confusing when many options for the same adjustment via different pieces of equipment in the system.
  6. Are you talking about the Ch A and Ch B dials on the inuke?
  7. It was my pleasure to have y'all over, stop in anytime! And the drone is a really fun hobby, think I will get one! Looking forward to your HT. The pressure is on to get it done, tick-tock, tick-tock...
  8. I have (4) Proficient 8 inch ceiling speakers for Atmos duty and they work well, see signature for model.
  9. Ha ha. I have heard of this solution. The dogs are in a fenced backyard. If they were out running around, then I would never have started this thread
  10. Nope, they just go at anything that moves. I believe they are scared of their own shadows. Some have posted to try to speak with the offending neighbor. But, I prefer to not go that approach as we don't necessarily see eye-to-eye from a past issue.
  11. This will eventually cease to work as many ultrasonic devices tend to. Of the units I used to sell at my place of work, about 85% of them came back within 30 days, 10% of them would be in after 6 months to report that the issue has started again. The remainder either never came back, never said if it worked, or it did work. I have watched a video on YT about the piezo being used but they didn't state if it was really effective. Thanks.
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