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    My wife and kids, home theater, health and fitness, astronomy, video games, movies, nature, organic food.
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    Klipsch RF-3 II system with DIY crossover upgrades, and added internal bracing and driver damping.
    Onkyo TX-SR 805.
    Dual Turbo'd mfw-15 subwoofers
    Elemental Designs a5-350
    Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8700UB
    Elite Screens 90" pull down
    Full acoustic treated room with bass traps, acoustic panels, and aurelex sound diffusers.
    Sony S3200 Blu-Ray player
    Xbox One

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  1. Though I did see this late, this is still very sad. :'(
  2. Definitely go with an older model Epson. i had the same budget last year and got an Epson 8700uB, it is FANTASTIC, and is much better than sub $1000 newer models. Can find super cheap OEM original Osram bulbs on eBay, as well. (not generic crap) Oops, i just saw that you got the BenQ, hope you enjoy it!
  3. Yes, again with this. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see what's under the hood. You do understand internal bracing effects the sound, right? How about you get a ******* life and stop attacking me every time I ask something?
  4. Anyone have pics of the internal bracing/crossover for the Klipsch Premiere 280f towers or the new reference 15" sub?
  5. Yikes, I will never understand why some spouses have such a problem with our hobby. My wife is super understanding and actually enjoys it with me.
  6. The Palladiums are fantastic speakers. I think he would have loved them.
  7. Check out this "smokin" deal. $7000 http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/5379203305.html
  8. You guys!! Now this thread's about to crash...
  9. But it wouldn't have a port... Ya just cut in the appropriate ports, and probably pop in port tubes - Parts express. That's for 18" Stereo Integrity drivers. I need a cut list for a TC Sounds TC2000 15" driver. As Wvu80 sed - "Even though the front baffle is made for an 18" I would think the easy part would be cutting a baffle to fit a 15" driver, just make a double front baffle" Lars. Oh I see, hmm, very interesting idea! Which two should I combine to make 6 cubic foot cabinets? It seems like combining two 3 cubic foot cabinets would actually end up being more than 6 cubic feet, seeing as how long it would be.
  10. That's for 18" Stereo Integrity drivers. I need a cut list for a TC Sounds TC2000 15" driver.
  11. Wish I had known......j/k Yeah, I know it is indeed possible, it's just not practical for most people to use Heritage for HT use.
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