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I recently discovered my grandfathers incredible vinyl collection. He had way to many showtune records, but plenty of jazz mixed in. Favorite find so far is Ella Fitzgerald Live in Paris. She can sing wow. I cant wait to get tubes and heresys set up.

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Hello folks,

The postings, lately, concerning records have been most helpful. I've been looking for sources beyond the few shops in Cambridge I frequent. The ones mentioned above look good. There's a Henry Mancini album I'm looking for (all white, I don't remember the name. I think there was a lot of bass flute on it.). Any ideas?

There was a recent post, regarding exceptional sound from a Musical Heritage Society record, that caught my attention. Based on that, I re-tried a Teleman record that have generally been disappointed with, but haven't played since I've made several improvements to high-end linearity. The sound is now much better, but still has some grain. The experience tells me that the grain is in the playback electronics, not the record. Maybe I'm finally beginning to hear what a good SET cures?

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Nobody mentioned Acoustic Sounds. I get their catalog, which is billed as "the worlds largest source of audiophile records." Don't know if that is true, but the catalog is wonderfully varied with something for everyone. Site is listed as www.acousticsounds.com. I've not purchased anything from them, but I've been tempted lately by a few items. I get the majority of my LP's from Half-Priced Books and Records, a local DFW chain. Mostly .50 to 2.00, a few at 4.00 and occasionally 7 or 8 for "rare" stuff.



David A. Mallett

Average system component age: 30 years.

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I took the plunge and ordered a few CCR records, Green Onions, and the "Mosaic" clarinet quintets from Acoustic Sounds Inc. I'll report on this thread, if it's still on page 1, or start a new one.


I don't know .. I was hoping to find this white album. I was in 8th grade. A friend, in Cleveland, played it through a pair of Heath 14W amps (EL84 based). I did find "The Blues and the Beat" on CD, but my 15 year old son went nuts over it and "Take Five" by Brubeck and they've both disappeared into the vortex of his life. That's good, however. I can replace the disks .. maybe with records this time.

"Look" magazine, from the 50s and 60s, may not be the best literature, but it is an authentic artifact. A copy of the real thing IS fascinating. Mancini on record, tubes, and Klipsch is a combination I NEED to hear, If I can. (Back in '61, for me it was mono, Heathkit, through an EV LS12) It might be great and might be insipid. My son won't take it because he doesn't have a turntable.

Will tubes help Mancini? That's a tough question.

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