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Single Belle Klipsch on eBay

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its "beyond stupid". Ebay is great for laughs.

$325 was paid for the "highly sought after and hard to find" 1962 2cd Ed. of A. Cohen's "HiFi and Loudspeaker Enclosures (1st came out in 1958). This edition is easy to find IF you know where to look.

Klipschorn "Plans" (copies) are sold for $50-$75. They're the Speakerlab-K plans sold for $25 by Speakerlab.

"...guaranteed not a DOA but due to it's age, it's sold AS IS.." What the hell does this mean?

Got a nice Bozak Urban or Wharfedale 90W Achromatic loudspeaker? Just tear it down and part it out, sell each piece as a seperate to make an extra $10, throw the cabinet away.

Here's a nice Altec 15" woofer, I want top dollar for it. Here's a picture of it sitting in the snow on my back porch.

Let's start the bidding at $400

(reserve not yet met)

Please don't ask me what the reserve is (because it's 2X what this piece of crap is really worth)

Please don't ask me to end the auction early

(even though you are willing to pay $250 over my reserve).

Schematics and plans..sure all this stuff is "Copyright Protected" but that doesn't seem to stop some sellers from running it thru the copier ten or twenty times to make a quick buck (Ebay turns blind eye to this practice, claim ignorance).

And then there's the emotional buyers that have more money then common sense...

$2800 for a Jensen G610 Triaxial...hold on folks, have you heard this driver, it sounds nice but is waaaaaay overated.

$4500 for an EV 30" woofer with a cracked frame (but it was expertly repaired).

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Yeah! Give him a piece of you mind, the old one-two and then read him the riot act! biggrin.gif.

Seriously, he didn't sell it becasue his reserve was too high. The final bid he got was pretty-much the right price. That is, assuming the top didn't have the big dent! Maybe he has learned something on the first attempt. You might be seeing the listing again before too long.

Al K.

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