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audion sterling class A 12w, anyone?

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Hi All

I have an opportunity to pick up a audion sterling amp. Im curious if anyone here might have any insight, knowledge or experience with this amp. I auditioned it and thought it sounded really really nice. Its not a brand I am familiar with,though I have found a few good reviews for it. I'd be interested in hearing if any of you are familiar with audion.

This would be my first tube amp. I'll be running it to a pair of cornwall II's with a emotiva umc- 1 in front of it. I listen almost exclusively through airplay/apple tv I stream a lot through MOG. Im curious if there will be noticeable improvement with tubes given my current set up. At some point Ill add a good cd player and maybe a turntable. For now though its hard to beat the ease and economy of this set up.

Thanks in advance for your reply

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Audion is a UK company and makes some good sounding gear. I've owned one of their 300B amps and it sounded quite good. My only concern has been longterm reliability of Audion products. My local Audion dealer has had a few units with problems and had to have them repaired. I've also read anecdotal reports of amps that were received with build defects as reported by some buyers. My local dealer also said that the Audion warranty is not in effect in the USA. The dealer and support network is thin for Audion in the USA, so good luck in getting an amp repaired if there is ever a problem.

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