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  1. What's the current market price for a pair of Klipsch Belle speakers made around 2002, both in excellent original condition with no modifications? I'm located in the Southeast. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone tried Mapleshade heavyweight footers under the La Scala? Seems like these would work very well. http://shop.mapleshadestore.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HFSET From Mapleshade website: "Nothing hurts the sound of speakers more than mounting them unrigidly on carpet, on rubber feet, on damping pads, on flimsy stands or on shaky shelves. Flexible mounting lets the speaker rock back as the drives cone(s) moves forward. That means boomy bass with weakened attack and dynamic punch. Similarly, freely vibrating speaker enclosure panels muddy the midrange and treble. To make a speaker sound its best you must stop it from rocking and you must drain panel vibration efficiently. This requires coupling the speaker, via massive brass footers, directly to the floor or directly to an ultra-rigid stand. You can’t get optimal sound just by placing the speaker’s flat bottom on the floor or on a stand. Because of the large area, low-pressure contact, much of the cabinet’s vibrational energy is reflected back instead of being drained efficiently and cleanly down into the floor."
  3. Myibidder.com Reliable and free service. I've used it many times with great success.
  4. The Audion amps sound very good. You'll definitely enjoy it. Cheers!
  5. I read the exuberant and positive La Scala II review by Sam Tellig from several years ago, and he actually hooked up a supertweeter to use with the La Scala II. He used it to extend the upper frequencies, since the upper frequencies only extend to about 17kHz on the stock LSII tweeter. Anyone here try using a supertweeter? I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on this. Thanks!
  6. Audion is a UK company and makes some good sounding gear. I've owned one of their 300B amps and it sounded quite good. My only concern has been longterm reliability of Audion products. My local Audion dealer has had a few units with problems and had to have them repaired. I've also read anecdotal reports of amps that were received with build defects as reported by some buyers. My local dealer also said that the Audion warranty is not in effect in the USA. The dealer and support network is thin for Audion in the USA, so good luck in getting an amp repaired if there is ever a problem.
  7. One of the best inexpensive manual cleaning systems is Disc Doctor. This is a manual cleaning method, so not as fast or efficient as a vacuum record cleaning machine, but the Disc Doctor cleaning fluids and brushes are very well made. Disc Doctor makes cleaning fluids and brushes for LPs and also early shellac records, too. It's great stuff. http://discdoc.com/ The best cleaning method is a vacuum record cleaning machine. They simply do the best job and the results are very impressive. You can pick up a used VPI 16.5 at reasonable prices. This machine has been in production for more than 30 years and remains a favorite of vinyl enthusiasts; it's a rugged product that works extremely well. These pre-owned machines show up on Audiogon occasionally, so you can get a good deal on one. http://vpiindustries.com/clean-hw165.htm Cheers!
  8. Congrats and hope you enjoy the LPs!
  9. Agree with the above. Condition is everything. I've bought some new sealed LPs from 1960s-1980s that appeared pristine and sounded terrible. But many others that sound truly spectacular. Many of the older LPs are gems.
  10. I tried searching for Soniphase but couldn't find very much. What's Dana's full name or Forum ID so I can use that for a search.
  11. Has anyone bought bass horns or high frequency horns from Soniphase? These look very promising. Anyone have experience with the sound quality and build quality of these horns? Thanks. http://www.soniphase.com/
  12. Never in a store. I'd love to hear all the current Heritage speakers to compare all the different models. Several dealers in my region offer Heritage speakers for sale, but none of them keep any Heritage in stock.
  13. If the vinyl was stored in a temperature controlled location, not subjected to temperature extremes or extremes of humidity, and was played on a well set-up turntable by the previous owner, then you should be good. If improperly stored or abused, you could have issues with warped and/or damaged discs. In general I've had great experiences with used vinyl as long as the condition is excellent. Many of these discs can sound spectacular. Cheers!
  14. Is this also helpful for the La Scala II? I think the LSII is about 3 inches taller than the original LS. Does the LSII also benefit from risers, or is the tweeter/midrange height already elevated sufficienctly in the taller LSII cabinet? Thanks.
  15. Nice work on the enclosed bass bin of the Khorn. I wish Klipsch offered this as a factory option on the current Klipschorn.
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