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S4A Earbuds Sound Distant, Wobbly on Samsung Galaxy S3


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I have been using a pair of Klispch S4A earbuds for Android for a few years now on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Suddenly one day the sound sounded like it was fading into the background with some wobbliness. I've rebooted the phone a few times and it looks like the metal part of the headphone insertion (whatever that's called) needs to be slightly longer to fit all the way down in the headphone port for this phone. Not sure why it just started having these problems, though. Does anyone know of an extender jack that makes the klipsch male insertion reach all the way down? Thanks!

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I have this same problem on my Image One's (and it's been like this since the day they were delivered). I don't have a fix but I wanted to let you know that I am having the exact same problem and it's a bit sad to see this problem occurring on so many of their headphone models. It took me until now to actually put the effort in to complain though (I just posted on another thread about this.. haven't called yet since it's about midnight). I really hope Klipsch will fix this without it being a pain in the *** - aka send a new set of headphones without this design flaw (or a set of headphones built on a more reliable assembly line).

I wish I could just go through amazon instead but it's been so long and it's Klipsch responsibility at this point... Amazon would have already sent a new pair overnight. =/


Good luck and report back if Klipsch helps you or not.

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Also, I tried using extenders as well and none of them worked.. I have quite a few around but it's a problem with the actual physical connection/tip of the headphones.. it's not in the cable, it's not something broke 'inside' it's just bad design or bad quality control.

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