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Klipsch Icon 5.0 Speakers: (3) XL-23, (2) XB-10, (2) XFS Stands


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First welcome to the forum.

Second oh man....

I just posted my Icon X system for sale here. It took me forever to track down an XL-23. If I read your post correctly, are you willing to sell the XL-23s individually? If so I may have to re-evaluate selling mine and grab an XL-23 from you to make a stereo setup at my new place. Also I would have to have you ship it as well. Let me know for sure if you are willing to do this and I will kick it around in my head. Thanks.

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This could actually work...I have someone interested in 2 of the XL-23 and stands....but also would have to ship....hoping for someone local, but may have to budge

Ok, just let me know. Local is always preferred. But generally takes a long time to sell and generally for less than you'd like. I can Paypal you if you decide you'd like to sell one. PM me to work out the details.

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It is looking like my previous deal fell thru and there is an opportunity for someone else!

Everything is all packed up and HEAVY - about 120 lbs total.

Will sell for $550 + total shipping cost/2

So, say it costs $110 to ship. That means you send me $550+$55=$605 and I'll send you awesome speakers!

If interested, I'll send you my zip code and package dimensions and weights, so you can get a shipping estimate.

Don't pass these up!

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