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KMC-1 will not turn on, or charge...Help!

help kmc1

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I was given this kmc-1 4 days ago as a gift.  What Great gift I have been thinking up until last night.

it was working fine, then powered off due to  it being idle, When I went to turn it back on...nothing.

I then decided to plug it in.  When I plug it in , I get no lights or indication it is charging.

I always have my proper power adapter plugged into a certified power bar (my expensive cpu is also on this power bar and works fine.


So now I have a heavy black KMC-1 paper weight.  Never been taken outside  (charged ok 2 times)


Please help, is there issues with the lithium battery?....It will be a while before I get the receipt due to the gift  being from across Canada.  Bought at authorized dealer.   I have box and everything.

Help , I'm losing my mind

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Welcome to the forums! You may want to talk to our Customer Service if you are still having problems. They can guide you through troubleshooting the issue. Please contact them via phone 1-800-KLIPSCH or by using this form: http://www.klipsch.com/contactform/form


Aside from that, be sure the power switch on the back is in the "green" position.

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Hey...I received a reply very quickly that solved my issue.

I'll include the link that the Klipsch Rep had E-mailed me.

   It is step by step (with Pictures) on how to

disconnect/reconnect the lithium Ion Battery.



Hope this Helps everyone :)

Have had Zero issues since

Only Awesomeness !

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All I could find was a pic by copy and paste everything from klipsch right in the link. It looks like screwdriver, remove cover and take out batt and reinstall, worth a try??


Your post count is really startin to add up!

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really? Its been ages since Ive been on. So long that I couldn't even remember what email I originally set my user up with to reset password, so I had to create a new one.

I hope she is doing well.

....and I thought I was being rather well behaved.....for me that is.

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Guys, I had the same issue with my kmc1. I called klipsch help support. They were able to help me. they send me a procedure to reset the unit. it involves removing the screws from the bottom of the unit, and disconnecting the battery. and reconnecting. that's it. Simple.

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My KMC-1 is not charging fully. It was kept uncharged for around a month. Later I lost charger itself during my trip. So I brought new charger with similar rating 12V 3AMP. however it was not charged fully after 1 full night of charging. I tried to disconnect batter and reset the unit as well. Not sure battery is weak now or the charger is not producing sufficient current. Mean while I order another charger with higher power rating 12V 5Amp. Any clue guys?




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