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    2012 Cherry Jubilee's left and right, 3 Way with K402, K510
    2013 KPT435N - Centre Channel 3 way KPT904LF/K510/K703
    2014 Cherry KPT-1802-HLS Subwoofer powered by a crown XTI1000
    2011 KPT684 Subwoofer Powered by a Crown XTI 1000
    Spare 4*KPT335 MF/HF sections(K510/K69A & K703/K70G)
    Spare KPT435N - Soon to be used.
    1998 Heresey II's
    Quintet 3.1 - Office
    Quintet 3.1 - Bedroom

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  1. Turbox

    Klipsch KPT-1802-HLS Horn Subwoofer

    oh yeah do it. I am getting ready to pull the trigger on some new gear too.
  2. in either case, I hope you do well on them. once you get your money back, buy some new klipsch gear.
  3. Turbox

    LaScala bass?

    Yeah big horn loaded bad boys...the ones where you need to take walls down.
  4. any time you need to stack speakers on speakers. that sounds like a good problem to have
  5. Turbox

    DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    Oh no, decent klipsch gear is very hard to come by here, its easier south of the border. I will likely have to store them for a bit until my other room(which I am planning) is done. I'm likely going to have to store my new gear as well for quite some time before I can get it set up(walls need to come down). Its unfortunate or fortunate which ever way you look at it. I've been able to free up the cash, but don't have the space quite yet. I wouldn't want to delay getting the gear. When it comes to new gear, patience isn't a strong point, much like a kid who cant stop thinking about it.
  6. Turbox

    Parellel Center Speakers

    I've done this before with two heresy's. worked fine in parallel.
  7. Turbox

    DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I dont really have an update, I'm in a waiting pattern for about 30 days, but I think its going to be xilica and a Cinema grandeur
  8. Turbox

    kpt-1515 lf details

    Does anyone have a plot for this?
  9. Turbox

    DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I've just realized that Xilica is very close to me.
  10. Turbox

    kpt-1515 lf details

    I've been looking to see what's inside these guys. Anyone know? Without knowing, intuitively one would think dual 15's? By the way, these things are huge as well, as big as my 1802.
  11. Turbox


    I certainly don't have this issue with my 904's something is definitely up.
  12. Turbox

    kpt-1515 lf details

    done. sent a message.
  13. Turbox

    kpt-1515 lf details

    what amp are you using for your DX38? I though I saw crown xti's in your setup before.
  14. Turbox

    kpt-1515 lf details

    I called ACE for a quote.
  15. Turbox

    DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    of course, I appreciate the feedback which is why I'm here and ask. There are lots of people smarter than I when it comes to this stuff, and people with more experience than I. The thing I don't like about the crown XTI is the fan noise. When I'm watching a good movie(a good movie to me is lots of bass, action, thumping and bumping that makes me move in my seat), then you hit a quiet scene, and all I hear is the dam fans. When I have 5 minutes to myself. I will disconnect it all and bi amp those jubilee's.