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    2012 Cherry Jubilee's left and right, 3 Way with K402, K510
    2013 KPT435N - Centre Channel 3 way KPT904LF/K510/K703
    2014 Cherry KPT-1802-HLS Subwoofer powered by a crown XTI1000
    2011 KPT684 Subwoofer Powered by a Crown XTI 1000
    Spare 4*KPT335 MF/HF sections(K510/K69A & K703/K70G)
    Spare KPT435N - Soon to be used.
    1998 Heresey II's
    Quintet 3.1 - Office
    Quintet 3.1 - Bedroom
  1. Single walnut belle -- edmonton area

    if I could get it here i'd buy it. I also saw the add on Kijiji
  2. my jubilees are great today...lol
  3. Hailey’s comment "Speakerfritz" fly by

    i was just thinking about you the other day, its all your fault, i bought my first pro stuff from you...now look what happened.
  4. Question about Tangent 400

    i have a pair, they are decent for the money. i paid 180 for mine.
  5. Wife doesn't understand the hobby

    might be time for a new wife? lol
  6. im not interested in getting into a debate on my beliefs but our new Liberal Government is apparently getting ready legalize it in canada.
  7. Enough is enough - gas prices are scary low

    wouldnt it be the smartest thing to buy stocks in the companies now while the prices are low. if mallette is right, the prices will sky rocket and we all stand to gain on that one??
  8. La Scala Professional ?

    tell me where they are and i will go get them.
  9. yes. sounds like i need a v8 in my toyota.
  10. Canadian Forum Members?

    where is the best place to see those northern lights tom? its on my bucket list. what time of year?
  11. Canadian Forum Members?

    Agreed, the exchange is bad, i dont see that getting better anytime soon. i too have about a decade left. However, i saw the opportunity, so i bought my little place in florida a few years back when the market crashed, and the exchange was $0.92. i will spend my winters there for sure. fatbiking on the beach.
  12. KMC 1 battery charger.

    the universal chargers might work? as long as it has the correct voltage and current.
  13. KI-398-RGL pro 2 way

    although not meant for this application, im wondering if it would work as a decent centre channel, between a couple Jubs? thoughts? This definately addresses my height problem.
  14. Should be under $1,000

    sorry to hear that. We've all heard of the last ditch effort...my dog is also in his last ditch now. either this is going to work or not.i had him at emergency on new years day. but he may be incurable.
  15. Winter Fat Biking?

    i am going to take it bush packing this summer. 4 to 5 days, no tent. if im not back on the 5th day, send everyone...