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    2019 MWM, K402, K510
    2012 Cherry Jubilee's - storage
    2013 KPT435N - Centre Channel 3 way KPT904LF/K510/K703
    2014 Cherry KPT-1802-HLS Subwoofer powered by a crown XTI1000
    2011 KPT684 Subwoofer Powered by a Crown XTI 1000

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  1. Was this a mono unit? likely why its a single unit? No affiliation. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649510246-single-klipsch-klipschorn-k357-from-february-1957/
  2. The problem for most is space and WAF for the pro gear. But it is certainly next level. I've had them all, from Heresy's to Belles and everything in between. The MWM's are something amazing.
  3. My 1802 is still in the same spot. hasn't moved. I didn't have it on the front wall.
  4. No not wild at all. I actually don't listen to loud music, very rarely. The older I get the more i enjoy a nice listening level. Movies are a different story. I dig a good movie, and my wife often says that's a little loud, we do have a 7 month old in the house so she might be right. lol. I need to buy a couple more amps on for my centre channel and one for the 1802. the 1802 isn't going anywhere, trust me. it took for strong guys to get that into the house.
  5. My front wall is exactly 18ft wide. I sit back from the screen/wall at about 16 feet.
  6. I've been using Crown XTI 1000's, soon to be 1002's. also has a built in DSP for Bi-amping.
  7. So i was able to get them all in late last night. Crazy Heavy. This morning I had them set up for an initial testing. made a few adjustments. Different sound with that big Bass Horn. More and deeper base, no subs connected yet. Initial thoughts are this is going to be a game changer. For now, I have my 402/510 set up with the MWM's. I have a set of 402's that I bought and never set up about 4 years ago. I also have a contingent of different drivers as well. K69's, 1133's and 1132's. These may end up being a two way's yet. I just don't know. I just need to more time with them to see. I honestly don't know what I am going to do with the Jubilee Bins yet. I guess its a good problem to have. They are a lot larger when you get them in your room, that's for sure. But thumbs up wife said they looked good!!! its a cleaner look that what I had before. Back to work, I have a mess of speakers to get cleaned up. F20, old centre, jubilee bins, and some tunes to play. First world problems... I heard about those comparisons with MWM's, and Jubilee's. I get it now. My centre channel is not set up yet, need more gear for that...
  8. They sound great. Super happy with them. Don't get me wrong, Im not saying there is anything wrong with them. There's not. As a side note, when you have some semi large speakers, I did need to compromise with my better half on some items, like letting a few things slide. With the final version of this "upgrade" I may also need to let a few things slide and allow her to use some of the "shelving" space. just saying. Its all going to be just fine.
  9. I have had these now for a number of years using them as my Left and Right. Love them, but got the itch. Hoping that by tomorrow, I will be listening to something new.
  10. remember this is also in CAD$. in either case, if I was closer, i'd go check them out. I just thought I'd check in with you guys on it. cause they do look nice.
  11. I'm guessing you could also use the following setup, if you had some extra drivers(just sitting around) MWM - 402/1132 - 510 K69 three way combo, and cross at 400 still.
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