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Upgrading a K-horn Squawker & Layne Audio

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What Klipsch speaker did u do this mod on? Do u know if they horn will fit into a K-horn. The one thing I don't want to do is put a horn on top of my cabinet or modify the cabinet to make a horn fit that really doesn't. What is the frequency range of the new mid driver u are using? How did u decide on that driver?

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With regards to all this 'experimentation', I've got a question or two.....is the tweeter, on it's own through a network....say an AA or really I guess any net, connected up to the tweeter output connection, suppose to sound as crappy as they all seem to?

I put a new diaphragm in a defective Jensen RP-302 supertweeter. The physical part of the operation itself seemed to go fine, but upon hooking just the tweeter up to a network to validate functionality, the result was kind of screeching fuzz noise that vaguely, I mean very vaguely resembled the music that was being played through it. I thought 'oops'! Blew that operation and went and get a good one. Same noises. Thinking hmmm....I tried a T-35, then a 4401, then a different network. Same deal. However, with the rest of the drivers and horns hooked up, it sounded fine except now, I'm more 'tuned in' to this sonic dissonence and find myself trying to pick out these noises.

Should I just 'take it on faith' that since they all sound scratchy and screechy, that's suppose to be that? Or are there actually units out there that just sound like high freq of whatever you put through them? Is this a function of a 'less than perfect' network design?

Mid-range by itself isn't a whole lot better, but at least I can readily identify what's coming through. hard to believe that the components themselves sound so wrong 'a la carte', but together they sound tremendous.

With this in mind, should one strive to achieve the best possible sound through trying different drivers/components as seperates, then put all the 'best of the best' together to form a 'superbest'??



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