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How to fix Klipsch computer speakers?

Jeff Matthews

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The plug connection for the pre-amp in, which comes from the speaker with the volume control on it, is broken.  It looks like the plug has 5 or 6 little pins in it, and they all snapped off.  The plug separated from its shroud and came out. The shroud (covering, or whatever you call it) that housed the plug is a one-piece, plastic shroud.  You can't disassemble it to gain access to solder all those pins back together.  


What would you do (other than throw it all away)?

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You can try splicing and/or soldering a new DIN plug on, but some have said that may not work right.  Finding that DIN might also be a hassle.  The recommendation from Klipsch would be to buy a new control pod.  Those run about $39 shipped (but are cheaper on eBay if you can find one).  Unless you still have a warranty.

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You can call parts on Monday and they can get that squared away for you.  You could also check around eBay.  Sometimes its cheaper to even look for a replacement "control speaker" as most don't realize the pod actually slides right off.  Shouldn't be surprising to find one on there for $20.

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