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Restoration Project: GE Console Gutting & Heresy

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I did get some pics taken yesterday.  I'll have time to actually take the amp out of the console maybe Sunday or Monday.  I've been doing all of this in the middle of spring cleaning and other renovations to both houses (we own two on two acre lots).  One thing to note mustang, is the BLC-A is listed on the serial number and model number on the back of the console.


We certainly have plenty of sticky gooey wires and some horrifically nasty tube covers.  Even the power cord is nasty.


I'll be posting all pics HERE.







there is nothing nasty about these - that is the way they were done back then and they were good enough to play records and listen to the radio - not too loud as the whole cabinet  vibrated - Kenmore-GE-Radio shack - etc , these were  for home use -there are no detailed mids -bass or highs here - just basic sound - if you are expecting  HI-FI , these were not -

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 these consoles lasted forever - when  you light it up or shut it down , the ON/OFF dial it makes a popping static sound -- that 's how they were made , it was the last electronics made in the USA for the home market -


-GE -Sears-Magnavox brands were the most common -- these were as much a sound machine than a piece of furniture - later units also had TV 's in them - and all the magic was under a swivel top -hidden underneath were the speakers - the radio -the tape and turntable - these were the good old days -

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The pictures do not reflect the condition. They are pretty darn sticky...all the way down to the power cord. The paint is rubbing off of most of them.

yep , they all do that  - you could smell the odor of the wires when these were powered on -  I am not sure if they were coated at the factory with a glue like substance  or if the wires just get very hot  due to the heat that was given off by the parts  -no worry here , the wires were sticky after a few weeks of operation - they could last like that for years -I have a console over 50 years old and that is how the wires are since new    - and there are loads of wires in these consoles  -

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-now , dont go stick your finger in these units - these black and brown heat shields around wires are there for a reason - they indicate high power areas -there was no such thing as heat shrink tubing back then ,   but they did things quite neatly as everything was safely built -


-considering the maze of wiring needed to connect all the components of the amplifier to operate ,one can say that these solid state amps were not your average Made in Japan Discrete technology -

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Right on. Just leaves the problem with the amps overall function. Its a nice setup, and if possible I would love to keep original parts...but I know that may not be possible.

  you have to remove the amp  from the cabinet along with that mess of wires --then ,  go through all the wires -1 by one - to make sure that it not a simple problem of resoldering a contact or several contacts -

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We did listen to it for a while and there's some horrible static, along with some kind of wicked ground loop happening. The woofers only work sometimes, and there's a huge frequency range missing as well. Tuning the volume is extremely sensitive as well as certain volumes cause the one speaker to drop out entirely, and some really terrible crackling and popping.

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