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Anyone running an amp and running into level issues with Auto Eq, I have some data


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My 64ii has been bottoming out with audyssey and the outlaw amp, and the 7ii's are close. Up until now I level matched but I had bought some of these




to go with the XLR cables I have. I am always a little paranoid of adding stuff to the chain, especially in audio/video areas and I knew little about XLR pads and their quality.


Finally was able to test today and the results were great. The 10db pad was about a 8.5db reduction by the preamp volume, so now when XT32 finishes my 64ii should be about -5 and the 7ii's should be about -3.


Blue is before pad/Lower Red is after pad/Overlay red is with volume bumped 8.5db



As you can see the FR is spot on. Very happy with this cheap solution and it saves me some time.

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Yep, those are well respected and have a track record, when I started looking into the XLR pads I couldn't find jack. I really wanted to stick with my XLR cables so these have just been in a bag. I got a light bulb yesterday that I now had the gear to do some piece of mind testing. Glad I did, makes my life a lot easier when running auto eq.

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