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Driver comparison: Faital HF200, Faital HF204, Beyma CP750Ti at Jabo 72 horn

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I have had a chance to check another driver with my Jabo 72 horn. 


Recently I tested Faital HF200, Beyma CP750Ti and Faital HF204. My objective was finding best configuration for 2-way system with passive crossover, no EQ playing on top of La Scala II bass bin.


All the drivers are well suited for 2-way configuration and the final choice should be based only on listening preference’s. But I like to compare my subjective evaluation with objective measurements, that’s why I look at the charts background.

It seems that measurements confirm my listening impressions.



1.       Faital HF200 delivered soft, somewhat dim sound. It was most apparent at low and moderate volume. At loud listening this feature was less noticeable. At chart one can see that HF200 is quietest driver starting from 3000 cycles.


2.       Beyma CP750Ti sounded very well balanced. But at moderate or loud volumes the sound was harder. I liked a lot of details I could listen to.


3.       Faital HF204 had features of both above: more open sound, more highs than HF200 and also more pleasant sound than Beyma. At the moment it's my personal choice.


It is good to know the basic differences between these drivers.

HF 200: 2.91” titan diaphragm

Beyma: 2.97” titan diaphragm with mylar surround

HF204: 2.56” ketone polymer diaphragm


HF204 is smallest and polymer one – high frequencies did sound best. HF200 delivered the best low frequencies, when cut at 500hz (in this case “best” in terms of THD because I could not notice any difference when listening). Beyma looked very well when measured.


At the end I have to mention this again. I got very very good stereo imaging and resolution with LaScala II bass bin, Jabo 72 and tested drivers. From that moment on I never wanted to return to 3-way configuration. My conclusions refer to 2-way needs.



(the level is not calibrated to show absolute SPL, but the relative values are comparable, bass bin disconnected)


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The  impulse response views from within your REW measurements for each sweep might show you why your preferences are as they are.


The first 10-20 ms of the constructed impulse response from your highest SPL upsweeps is of interest, especially comparing Mylar surround vs. Ti-only.  You may get to see the reason why the Beyma sounded harder.



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I was checking Faital Pro CDs and ran into HF20AT. I don't know why everybody is using HF200 as HF20AT is obviously a superior driver and can deliver better top end





HF20AT: (just wow!)


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